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The End…

Like most writers, completing a novel leaves me with mixed emotions. First comes the relief at being freed from the daily grind of sitting down to write a self-imposed daily quota of words. This is quickly followed by feelings of loss.

For the best part of two years, I have been living with my characters; shaping their lives, determining their fate and now, I have to send them out into the wider world. The feeling is akin to delivering my eldest child to university and then driving home without him, to sit in a house that seems strangely empty.

A little over the top perhaps, you may feel. No doubt your’e thinking I need to get out more, forget the make-believe world I’ve created, and meet some real people. And that is something I do on a daily basis. For believe it or not, not all of my friends are imaginary! In time, these feelings will pass and I will forget all about my reluctant hero, Leo Tate.

Unless, of course, I decide to write a sequel…

My fourth novel, TRUE COLOURS is in the process of being edited. In the meantime the previous three books are available from amazon at the very reasonable price of 99p each (kindle version only).



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