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With very little to do, in terms of going anywhere or doing anything, I spent a large part of the second covid lockdown writing plays. I already had another three, one of which, Back Dated, had been due to debut in the spring of 2020, but the first lockdown put paid to that. I now had six plays and decided to publish them in three volumes details of which can be found below. A click on the image will take you directly to my amazon selling page.


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Just Published

Download to your kindle, iPad* or other tablets* for just 0.99p. FREE kindle Apps are available for these devices. Also in paperback for £7.99

Some artists are prepared to die for their art. Portrait Painter Leo Tate is hoping it won’t come to that…
The oligarch’s commission to paint a portrait of his family seems too good to be true. Why would anyone, however rich, be prepared to pay him three times his normal fee? Leo is right to be wary, but broke and single again, he can’t afford to turn work down. And then there’s his client’s eldest daughter, the beautiful Sofia…
Now he’s wishing he’d gone with his gut feeling and walked away. But it’s far too late for that; events have overtaken him, and he’s in too deep. Caught up in a web of death and deceit, will Leo be prepared to put his own life on the line, do the right thing, and show his true colours…

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The ‘Real’ writer’s block…


It’s far from easy to write a full-length novel.

It’s even harder to get it published.

You can help me get my novel, ‘A Stirring in the Blood’ published through amazon’s kindle scout scheme. Just click on my book’s cover picture below. That will take you to my kindle scout page, read the short extract, then nominate it.

I can’t promise you a share of the royalties but I will be grateful.


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Featured Painting: Pete Postlethwaite, actor


Pete Postlethwaite (1946-2011)

My portrait of the actor, Pete Postlethwaite was recently bought by the owners of The Green Dragon, Little Stretton, Shropshire and now hangs in the bar above the chair the actor used to sit in. Best known for his roles in films like; The Usual Suspects and Brassed Off, he was also an extremely accomplished stage actor.

Steven Spielberg called him “the best actor in the world” though he was far too modest a man to describe himself in those terms.

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A few ‘tasters’ from the Strictly Acoustic reportoire


Some sample tracks for those who haven’t been to see me at Housmans yet.

Hangman Recorded by Peter Paul & Mary but perhaps more surprisingly by Led Zeppelin!

Summertime My own arrangement of one of the best known songs from Gershwin‘s Porgy & Bess.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Feel like that most mornings until I’ve had a cup of tea!




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The rise and rise of the machines


So, once again Sci-fi writers, often dismissed as purveyors of tacky pulp fiction, have turned out to be visionaries. All those stories by authors such as Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov, about machines in one form or another taking over, are fast becoming fact.  The creators of super intelligent computers, are becoming increasingly worried that their creations will soon be more intelligent than themselves. If the nerds can’t control them – what chance have the rest of us got? We all know what happens when superior beings come up against a less advanced species: it’s a case of ‘Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!’

Of course it’s quite possible that in failing to control global warming, we humans will do the job for them, and exterminate ourselves. All the machines have to do is bide their time and, ”Lay their plans against us” as the Martians did in H. G. Wells The War of the Worlds.

Hollywood has enjoyed considerable success in bringing these sci-fi classics to the screen and created a few of their own. In The Terminator the machines send an Android assassin back through time to kill a young boy who, if he survives, will eventually save mankind. In the light of the boffins predictions, there is a young boy living somewhere in the world right now, who should be very, very afraid  . . .

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Featured Painting: Jimi Hendrix

I painted this portrait of Jimi Hendrix back in 2006. It’s based on a photo from the album sleeve of Electric Ladyland. I could have sold it several times over but I had already made a present of it to my partner Maggie. Accurately rendering the colours and textures of the outfit Hendrix was wearing proved to be the hardest part for me. The outfit consists of what appears to be a velvet jacket, worn over a black, leather waistcoat and shirt of many colours which subtly blend into one another. It took many hours of work to get it right.

Artwork copyright Chris Niblock 2006

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